James Price Founder and CEO of StartingSites, Inc

Since 2009 the ReferralsSite has been educating visitors on how to make money online in exchange for views and referral commissions. I have been preaching about referral programs for years and I intend to for years to come.

Referral Group

I am Searching for like minded indiviuals, will allow you to refer people interested in different products and programs. StartingSites will demonstrate through online video how to design and publish a professional website without using code. CableCuts talks about dropshipping and finding distributers to buy from at low wholesale prices and sell at market value. FantasyRankers helps its visitors win cash prizes on Apps like FanDuel, by providing useful tips and data on how to win. Join

Creating a Website

StartingSites.com educates visitors on how to Create websites and earn money by generated traffic to ads stratigically placed on thier web pages.

Using the Internet

Advertise your website or product on platforms like FaceBook and YouTube Advertise Here