Introduction of ReferralsSite

ReferralsSite is often associated with other paid survey sites, these generalizations are not considered to be accurate.

ReferralsSite is NOT a paid survey website and has never been.

ReferralsSite has been a tool that it's visitor can use to generate income since it's inception by the creator of

ReferralsSite has evolved into much more. Although we do have partners that offer paid surveys that we promote through our members area.

ReferralsSite provides its members with ways to substantially generate income and we do not feel that paid surveys is worth the time needed.

Our goal is for our members to earn in excess of $50,000 yearly and we provide ways that this goal can be accomplished in a fairly short amount of time with no initial investment.

ReferralsSite was first created as a tutorial by on how to start a website, all the features added was part of an effort to show how to earn money using the website created in the tutorial.

These same features can also be used to generate income without a website and that is what ReferralsSite has become.

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