Earn with a Website

Creating a website may seem like a difficult task but in reality technology has made it very simple to accomplish this goal. Once you have created your website the next step is to monetize it, there are mulitiple ways to earn money when you are operating your own website. Although making money with a website maybe more time consuming then any of the other options for making money online it is by far the most effective and lucrative way to generate income from home. There are mulitple options in terms of earning below we list a few.

Affiliate Programs

Advertising for affiliates can be very profitable when done properly. It requires no investment and very little effort.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) - Earn money for each click your website generates for advertisers.
  • Pay Per Impression (PPM) - Earn money for each view of an ad your website generates for advertisers.
  • Pay Per Action (PPA) - Earn money for each sale or sign up your website generates for advertisers.


This is my personal favorite, when I browse the web I find myself reading the footer links looking for a refer a friend link, hoping that they pay cash for referrals. I have noticed that must of the programs that use to pay cash do not anymore. A few years back there were tons of programs that paid $5 for each referral, I myself had to have signed up for at least 25 of them. If you can find a few refer a friend programs paying $5 for a simple referral, from quality websites that relate to your website content. I can almost guarantee those programs will generate income for you.


Statistics of the internet suggest that there is more money generate online selling then there is advertising, but I honestly do not if selling is a better way to earn online than advertising when done correctly. Companies spend billions online paying people to do something they already have to which is driving traffic to their website. I have been paid $8 dollars from Google (Adsense) for one single click on an advertisement.


Websites and selling are synonymous, it is done by EVERY major website. There are 3 ways to sell online.

  1. Products - you can use your on products or the products of others to generate income selling on your website.
  2. Services - you can charge a fee for a service you or a partner can perform on/offline.
  3. Subscriptions - some websites restrict access and charge a fee for monthly, yearly or lifetime access.

You can use a website like ClickBank to sell your product(s) and the product(s) of others.

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Earn Online Instantly

These programs do more than just pay you for your referrals. Each one has multiple ways for you to make money after signing up for free.

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