Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing opportunity for you to make money online and can be very lucrative. I am fairly new to YouTube but after much research I have come to this conclusion. is the best way for people to make money online, it requires little effort and no money. YouTube gets billions of video views on a weekly basis and with the related video section that appears after every video your video is almost guaranteed to be seen.

How I use my YouTube Channel

I use my YouTube Channel (StartingSites) to post tutorials and information on starting a website. YouTube is also a very effective way to drive traffic to your websites for free.

How to make money

If you own the content of the video you upload you can monetize that video by placing Google ads or commercials on it and in turn get paid for each view of your video. Anyone can join and upload videos.

YouTube Partner Program

Once you have built your channel, uploaded multiple videos, have a good amount of views and traffic to your channel page. You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program and increase the ways you can earn. If your accepted into the program you will get paid per subscriber and channel view as well as video view.

Some Youtube partners make over 10 million dollars each year.

Earn Online Instantly

These programs do more than just pay you for your referrals. Each one has multiple ways for you to make money after signing up for free.

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